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The TPA Process

The FSA difference is centered around the way we serve and execute for our clients.


FSA assists tribes in assessing their members’ needs for priority and funding requirements and creating the necessary documents desired for implementing and administering the program. Although a plan document is not required, it is suggested that policies and procedures be developed by the tribe. Depending on the program being established and the benefit funding, amendment of a tribe’s Revenue Allocation Plan may be required.


Tribal leader and member education is critical for a successful TMBP. FSA provides education and communication that can be delivered by  onsite workshops, community meetings, webinars, mail-outs and blogs.

Dedicated Customer Care

At FSA TPA, we pride ourselves in having a customer service team that understands the needs of tribes and their members. Our program is designed to provide many self-service features for both administrators and members. Customer care is available through our toll-free number, customer service email, and online web portal to answer member questions throughout the day.

Benefits Mobile App

The Mobile App is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Members will enjoy a variety of time-saving features from their computer or smartphone using one simple and secure username and password.

Benefits Web Portal

Through the Benefits Portal, members have access to important messages, balance information, transaction history and claim status. The Benefits Portal allows members to become fully engaged in their benefit accounts and program activity.


The enrollment process itself is simple; FSA TPA provides step-by-step instructions. Enrollment may be accomplished through our on-line enrollment application portal or via electronic files transmitted from the tribe. Ongoing changes, terminations and additions may be submitted on-line or via electronic file.


Benefits Administrative Tools

The Administration Portal is HIPAA-compliant and offers easy-to-use, role-based access to convenient, self-service options including reports, and statements. Detailed reporting is available to monitor account activity and may be available for request at any time or scheduled for automatic delivery

Multiple Account Management Tools

Members have easy access to their account through the FSA TPA website, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone system, FSA TPA Text Messaging (SMS), and the FSA TPA Benefits Mobile App – providing participants with access to their accounts from anywhere at any time. Members appreciate these fast and accessible self-service options to securely check account balances, request reimbursements and view transactions.

TMBP Debit Card

The FSA TPA Debit Card gives members a convenient method to pay for eligible expenses directly from their account. FSA TPA has the ability to create a card with specific merchant codes for only the benefits approved for the program. Cash withdrawals are not allowed with the FSA TPA Debit Card.

Provider Payments

Provider payments, similar to auto-pay, can be established for any fixed payment amount to eligible providers. Payments for housing, mortgage and rent are most frequently utilized.

Fast Reimbursements

For members choosing to pay for eligible expenses and services out of pocket, claims for reimbursement will be processed daily. In addition to standard check reimbursements, participants may be able to receive reimbursement as a direct deposit as well at no additional cost.


FSA TPA will setup meetings to train your staff on how to navigate and utilize the FSA TPA system.


To ensure the integrity of the tribe’s program, FSA performs compliance testing based on the tribe’s plan guidelines and provides extensive reporting options for a tribe’s internal audit or informational purposes.

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