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Understanding the needs of tribes and tribal members

FSA TPA has extensive experience in customizing comprehensive Tribal Member Benefits Program Administration solutions for tribes. As an American Indian-owned firm working in Indian Country, we are committed to supporting tribes to develop responses to identified needs for their members taking into consideration their culture and relationship with tribal members.

With our advanced understanding of the General Welfare Exclusion opportunities available for tribes, we work to provide tribal leadership with the guidance and resources to make the most of their benefits for tribal members.

General Welfare Exclusion

TMBP© (Tribal Member Benefit Program©) is an administrative tool created by FSA TPA using the basis of the Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act of 2014 to structure and provide tribes with an administrative solution to distribute benefits through a non-taxable, comprehensive, and streamlined process. Our program offers the capability to create custom enrollment/application processes, communications, benefit plan designs, and audit/substantiation procedures.

Nutrition Benefit

The Nutrition Benefit Card allows members to purchase eligible nutrition items as part of the Nutrition Benefit Program. It is an easy-to-use program that makes it convenient to access and redeem your monthly benefits. The FSA TPA Nutrition Benefit Card may be used with participating EBT retailers in the United States.

Elder Benefits

Assistance to tribal members meeting the Elder qualifications (as determined by the tribe) may be provided to overcome additional barriers that were created prior to opportunities to obtain assistance through the tribe in areas such as Medicare Premium Reimbursement, Supplemental Income to assist with general living expenses, meals through home-delivered meals programs or at a community center or similar facility, home care such as assistance with preparing meals or doing chores, or day care outside the home, and local transportation assistance.

Health & Utility

Through your tribe’s GWE Program, you can provide support to tribal members with the convenient and easy-to-use FSA TPA debit card. This card can be used by tribal members to supplement member healthcare expenditures with funds to cover out of pocket health expenses as well as for assistance to pay for essential utility expenditures related to their primary residence.

Easy-To-Use Portal

GWE participants can now view and track important account information anytime via the FSA TPA Website or Mobile Application.

Select notification preferences, upload claims for reimbursement, and report a lost or stolen debit card.

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